Dozens Of UNC Charlotte Students In Raleigh For End the Violence Rally

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Dozens of UNC Charlotte students and community activists are packing up, ahead of a rally in Raleigh on Saturday. They’re demanding action from lawmakers on gun safety, saying not enough has been done since the deadly UNC  Charlotte shooting.

March For Our Lives UNC Charlotte chapter president, Cade Lee, organized the End the Violence Rally. Dozens of students, community activists, and community members will be on Halifax Mall in Raleigh across from the North Carolina General Assembly Saturday. They’re demanding gun safety legislation.

Lee’s message to lawmakers:

“The time for inaction is over. If people decide that it’s not in their best interest to actually represent their constituents and reduce violence, they will be voted out this year and next,” says Lee.

They want locked gun boxes in cars, lengthening the time period people have to wait to get approved to buy a gun and better background checks.

“Simple things like that that do reduce gun violence that no one is doing right now.”

Charlotte NAACP President Corine Mack will be there. Along with dozens of others from the organization.

“When it happens in your own town, when it happens at your own school, when it happens with your own children, when it happens to someone you actually know. That rises to a whole new level of concern,” says Mack.

The rally starts at 11:30 until 2:30. There will be several speakers who have been directly affected by gun violence.