Mecklenburg County Commissioners Are Considering Taxing You More

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Mecklenburg County Commissioners are considering taxing you more.

There was a public meeting Tuesday to talk about the possibility of a quarter-cent sales tax on the November ballot. Most of the money generated would to go the Arts and Science Council.

18 speakers passionately spoke about the importance of arts to them and the community at Tuesday’s Mecklenburg County Commissioners meeting.

On July 2nd, commissioners will vote weather to put a quarter-cent sales tax hike on the November ballot.

Here’s how the county would plan to spend your money:

The hike would generate an estimated $50 million dollars a year.

-$24.5 million would go to the Arts and Science council.

-$15 million for parks and greenways.

-$8 million for for education and teacher supplements.

-And $2.5 million for arts and parks in several towns surrounding Charlotte.

To put it in perspective–if you’re buying something for 20 bucks the tax you pay would increase five cents.

“I worry about the timing on this. We just did a revaluation and there’s going to be people who will struggle with their new bills,” says County Commissioner Pat Cotham.

WCCB asked the president of the Arts and Science Council where your money would go.

He says they’re still trying to figure out the logistics, but a lot of it would be making the arts more accessible for people who live outside of Uptown.