CMPD’s Top Cop Addresses Spike In Violent Crime

CHARLOTTE, NC. — CMPD’s top cop says we can’t arrest our way out of this spike in crime. Chief Kerr Putney blames people turning to violence to settle minor disputes, he also blames the justice system.

Charlotte reached a horrifying statistic Wednesday night.  A 57th person lost their life in senseless violence this year. There were 58 homicides in all of last year.

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich sat down with Chief Putney to talk about the violence in Charlotte.

He blames the spike in violent crime on young people settling minor arguments with guns. Which has led to 26% of homicides this year. That’s 15 lives lost over minor arguments.

“I’m not satisfied with any number of homicides unless you can divide by zero. Right now any homicide, one life loss is too many,” says Chief Putney.

The chief says the justice system is also to blame. He says repeat, violent offenders are not being held accountable.

“We always hear about vacancies in the jail and there are plenty of people who need to be there while they await their trial so they can’t continue to victimize our most vulnerable.”

WCCB took the Chief’s concerns to Mecklenburg County DA Spencer Merriweather.

“I think that Chief Putney is right to to be concerned about people who commit violent crimes and what is happening to those folks pretrial, while they await trial,” says DA Merriweather.

Merriweather would like to see preventative detention used for more crimes in North Carolina. That’s where a judge does not have to set bond.

“If we believe that you’re a threat, you do not get released from custody. We have that actually for one crime in the state of North Carolina. First-degree murder.”