Health Officials Issue Warning About Pool Parasite

CHARLOTTE, NC – The sun is hot, the water is cool. People in the Charlotte area are taking advanta

ge of swimming pools this summer.

“So far, nothing [bad] happened,” said Lorena. She was visiting Double Oaks pool in North Charlotte.

As kids are playing, health officials with the Centers for Disease Control are warning of an increase in stomach bug cases caused by Cryptosporidiosis.

“Specifically you’re going to see it a lot with kids who have accidents in the pool,” said Dr. Tony Hyser.

The parasite can cause diarrhea and stomach aches for days. There were five cases of Cryptosporidiosis in Mecklenburg county last year. 7500 cases across the country.

The CDC says there’s been a 13% increase every year between 2009 and 2017.

“You can get germs bacteria, sick,” said one child leaving the Double Oaks pool. She said she was aware of the possible dangers.

“It’s always clean. They put chlorine in it,” said another kid.

But health officials say the pesky parasite has built up an immunity to pool chemicals.

“It doesn’t kill it and it can live in a chlorinated pool up to seven days,” said Dr. Hyser.

Hyser continued to say the best way to avoid the bug is to not swallow water, and shower after you’ve been in the pool.

“If someone has had a recent outbreak, don’t send your kids to the pool. You run the risk of infecting other kids,” explained Hyser.