McCready Adds to Financial Lead Over Bishop in 9th District Re-Do

CHARLOTTE, NC – With less than two months until the NC 9th Congressional District special election, Dan Bishop Finds himself in a huge financial hole. New numbers from the Federal Elections Commission show the republican candidate is trailing democrat Dan McCready nearly 5 to 1 in fundraising, but experts say the financial edge doesn’t always ensure victory.

“It takes resources to do that type of persuasion,” said Eric Heberlig, a political science professor at UNC Charlotte.

He says McCready is positioned well financially in the 9th District Race, but shouldn’t get comfortable.

“McCready was well ahead in fundraising throughout the whole 2018 campaign. So if it were based on money alone, he would have won easily,” said Heberlig.

McCready received 905 fewer votes than Mark Harris during the 2018 congressional race. The NC Board of Elections called for a new election following a hearing on election fraud centered around a political operative working with the Harris campaign.

According to July numbers from the FEC, Dan McCready holds a commanding financial lead with $1.8 million dollars in cash on hand.  Five times more than Dan Bishop’s $344,000 in cash.

“The fact that he’s ahead, helps him. That’s where he needs to be. It doesn’t guarantee that he’s going to win,” said Heberlig.

He says McCready is fighting an uphill battle. McCready is trying to win a republican leaning district in a September special election, which typically has lower turnout.

Heberlig says having a lot of cash is less of a want and more of a need to pull off a victory.

As for the Bishop campaign, Heberlig says “being substantially behind financially is going to be a concern for them, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming.”

Vice President Mike Pence is headlining a fundraising event for Bishop on Wednesday in Fayetteville.

The Bishop Press Team sent a statement saying, “Wrong Dan McCready has raked in millions from national radical leftists who want to impeach the President, abolish private health insurance and open our borders. We are proud to have Vice President Pence hosting a fundraiser for us tomorrow and are completely confident we will have the resources we need to get our message out.”

The McCready Campaign sent the following message from Dan.

“This campaign for affordable healthcare and stronger public schools is people-powered and wouldn’t be possible without the tens of thousands of people who agree we need to change how Washington works and put country before party,” said McCready. “With more than $1.74 million raised this quarter, we’re ready to run an aggressive, grassroots campaign and take our state back from career politicians and special interests.”