FaceApp’s Popularity Raises Security Concerns

Tonight the Democratic National Committee is warning candidates against using FaceApp.
It’s the face-altering app is taking social media by storm.
Your social media feeds are probably flooded with pictures of your friends and celebrities with a few added wrinkles and gray hairs.
The app uses advanced artificial intelligence to digitally age your photos.
It’s the number one free app in Apple’s app store, getting around 700,000 downloads a day.
But there are some concerns because the company behind the app is based in Russia and no one really knows what they plan to do with your pictures or data.
The fine print in FaceApp’s terms of service raises some red flags.
It appears to allow the company to effectively do whatever it wants with your selfie.
That could include being used in ads without you being paid for it.
Some people also worry FaceApp is collecting facial recognition data that could end up in the wrong hands.

The company that makes FaceApp is responding to the claims.
It says your pictures are sent to the cloud, not Russia.
FaceApp says most images are deleted from its servers within 48 hours of being uploaded.
The company says it won’t share your pictures or your data with a third party and you can request that to have your data deleted.