Another Left Turn Eliminated on U.S. 74 in Union County for “Super Street” Intersection

MONROE, N.C. – Another left turn on U.S. Highway 74 in Union County is gone.

Drivers heading toward Monroe and wanting to take a left on Rocky River Road now have to go past the intersection and make a U-turn.

NCDOT is building a “Super Street” intersection there. It’s similar to what they’ve already done at other intersections closer to Charlotte.

It eliminates left turns, to keep traffic flowing and reduce accidents.

But people who have to make the turn every day aren’t happy.

“I think they’re wasting my tax dollars when they should be able to fix roads that are already messed up, instead of making it even worse,” says Monroe resident Jason Meacham.

Eventually, drivers also won’t be able to turn left onto 74 from Rocky River Road. Instead they’ll have to turn right and make a U-turn there too.

“With all these turns and everything else, I think it’s just going to be a problem,” says Monroe resident Steve Bird.

But according to NCDOT, the “Super Street” design can handle more traffic without delays and reduce accidents.

NCDOT, which now uses the term “Reduced Conflict Intersection,” says there are fewer points in which people could possibly crash into each other.

Monroe resident Steve Greany has mixed feelings. He worries the usual traffic back-ups on 74 could make navigating the “Super Street” intersection quite confusing.

“You’re going up, making all the turns to go back around, it’s not bad if the traffic isn’t there, that’s all I can say,” Greany says.