People Are Texting Their Number Neighbors Again

Have you recently received text messages from a number that looked suspiciously close to your own?
Its not a trick, but it is the latest trend blowing up on Twitter.
People are texting their number neighbors.

According to Twitter, a number neighbor is the person who has the same phone number as you, except for the last digit.
The idea first became popular years ago, but started taking off again over the weekend.

Now lots of people are sharing screenshots of their conversations.
Some made an instant connection, like one number neighbor who responded with ‘what an honor to finally meet.’
Another wrote, ‘Does this mean we’re now best friends?’
One person invited their number neighbor to visit Area 51 together and another offered their number neighbor a homemade casserole.

But not every interaction went well.
One person responded, ‘How about getting a job and quit texting me.’
Another threatened to call the police if their number neighbor didn’t delete their digits and another wrote back, ‘Who is this and why are you texting my husband this late?’