UNCC Shooting Survivor Pushes for Gun Laws in Raleigh

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A plea for action from a survivor of the UNC Charlotte campus tragedy, on Tuesday. Drew Pescaro speaking to reporters about two bills that are stalled in the State Legislature.

The emotional news conference comes as State Republicans say they’re now open to one of the bills.

“I understand the pain they’re feeling. I understand the emotional pain they’re feeling,” said Pescaro.

“I don’t want pity for what happened to me. I’ve received plenty of that already,” continued Pescaro, “I just want action.”

Pescaro was one of four people hit by bullets during the campus tragedy at UNC Charlotte on April 30th.

Riley Howell and Reed Parlier died in the shooting.

“No one is expecting that to happen. and then ten minutes later, our world went to hell,” said Pescaro.

He showed his scars while calling for two bills to be heard in the state house.

A red flag law, that was introduced more than a year ago, would allow family or police to get a court order to remove a person’s guns if they’re judged to be a threat to themselves or others.

“I think this one seems to be one that is more promising in a sense that it seems to be directed at the problem in a way that might alleviate it meaningfully,” said State Senator Dan Bishop.

The republican is also a candidate for North Carolina’s 9th District. He says he now supports a hearing for the bill.

Union County Representative Craig Horn also now supports the bill being heard, but cautions about misuse.

“I don’t want to see people seeking ERPO’s (Extreme Risk Protection Order) for spite,” said Horn.

The other bill, HB86, dubbed the Gun Violence Protection Act would raise the age to buy an assault rifle to 21. It would ban high capacity magazines, require liability insurance, and implement a 72 hour wait period following the purchase of a gun.

Republicans aren’t as receptive to HB86.

“Extremely overbearing piece of legislation,” said Bishop.

“That smacks to me of police state. We’re going to make you jump through a thousand hoops,” said Horn.