Charlotte Ranks Best City For ‘Van Life’

If you have a home with wheels, then Charlotte is the place to be.
We are apparently the best city in America to live that #vanlife.
What is van life?
It’s essentially just living out of your car, but according to the website, it is one the fastest growing trends among Millenials who call themselves free-roaming digital nomads.
There are now Instagram accounts and YouTube channels dedicated to living your best van life.
Jennelle Eliana is a popular video blogger who says living in a van gives her financial freedom and a chance to travel more.
She says she bought her van for $2,500 on Craig’s List and paid cash.
“So basically the majority of last year and the majority this year I spent traveling,” Eliana says in a video titled ‘Why Do I Live In A Van.’
“I work for a very cool company that has been so supportive of my van life journey.”

So why is Charlotte the best city for van life? says there are lots of places to park overnight, an abundance of coffee shops and other places with free WiFi, plenty of gyms with cheap memberships that provide good places to shower and Charlotte isn’t far from the mountains or the beach.