Senator Tip-Shames Man On Twitter

A New Jersey state lawmaker is facing a possible lawsuit for tip-shaming a man on Twitter.
Senator Declan O’Scanlon posted a photo of the guy’s check, which included a 74 cent tip on a $119 bill.
The senator called the customer out by name, Tweeting: “Wow… have to work to qualify for my calling you out specifically as a jerk. But Anthony Dierlof qualifies. Ashley is a great waitress and wonderful human being. Certainly not a malicious bone in her body. Makes Anthony… a jerk. Live with your misplaced obnoxiousness.”

That customer now admits he left a terrible tip, but says its because he got terrible service.
He says the waitress was often absent or paying more attention to a bigger group of customers.
He is also angry about the senator’s tweet, which included his signature and the last digits of his credit card.
He says there is no reason for a senator to share that information with anyone.

This story has a lot of people on-line debating whether servers should still rely on tips to live in 2019.