9th Congressional District Race Tightens as Early Voting Begins

CHARLOTTE, NC – Early voting is underway in the 9th Congressional District redo. The race tightening between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Dan Bishop.

“I think voters are ready for change,” said McCready.

He was at the Hal Marshal Building on Wednesday casting his ballot on the first day of early voting. He’s spent 27 months on the campaign trail.

“I’m ready for this election to be done,” said McCready, ” I’m thrilled that people have a fair shot and a fair chance for their voices to count.”

McCready lost by about 900 votes to Mark Harris in last year’s 9th District Race. The North Carolina State Board of Elections ordered a new election following an investigation into illegal ballot harvesting by McCrea Dowless, a political operative working for the Harris campaign.

Since then, McCready says he’s spent weeks holding town hall events on education and health care in every county in the district and feels confident his message is making the rounds.

“I’ve had the chance to meet a huge number of people in this district,” said McCready.

“The playing field is been leveled,” said Dan Bishop, speaking with WCCB today, “I think our message is getting out.”

Bishop says he’s seen an influx of cash and is pleased with the direction of his campaign.

“What our campaign has is momentum. I feel confident,” said Bishop, “The reactions that I’m getting. Were drawing a contrast.”

Bishop says the race will be a close one, and that he sees the two as tied heading into the final three weeks of the campaign.

“We have poll workers in every county. We have mail going to people, I’m sure the other side does too. Of course, the advertisements are continuing,” said Bishop.

Early voting ends on September 6th. Election day is September 10th.