Study: Selfie-Snappers Seem Less Likeable

Your selfies may get a lot of likes, but do people actually like you?
New science might make you pause before taking another picture of yourself.

Yes, someone actually did a study on selfies, and they found posting lots of selfies makes people like you less.
Psychologists at Washington State University conducted a study called ‘Check Your Selfie Before You Wreck Your Selfie.’
They wanted to know if people judge you differently based on whether you post a selfie or a picture someone else took of you, which they call a “posie”.
The researchers worked with hundreds of Instagram users and found that the folks who posted a lot of selfies were seen as less likable.
Not only that, they were seen as less successful and more insecure and they also seemed less open to new experiences.

On the other hand, people who posted pictures of themselves taken by other people were seen as more successful, more outgoing, less lonely and having higher self-esteem.

Researchers say even when the Instagram feeds are similar, showing things like achievements or travel, people still think less of the ones posting selfies, especially selfies focused on appearance.