Disturbing Pornographic Video Distributed in Gaston County Middle School

LOWELL, NC -A disturbing video shared in a Gaston County middle school leads to an investigation into “extreme bullying.”

Parents tell WCCB they’re upset about an unsettling pornographic video that students shared last week at Holbrook Middle School in Lowell.

Lowell police say an unknown student shared the bestiality video during the morning breakfast period at school.

According to the police, the student used the airdrop feature on their phone to share the pornographic video. It’s unknown exactly how many kids saw the video, but initially, five or six students received that airdrop.

Capt. Billy Downey with the Gaston County Police sent WCCB Charlotte a statement saying another student was accused of being the person in the video and was the “target of extreme bullying.”

The video is of an adult woman. Her identity is not known. Gaston County schools spokesperson Todd Hagans says this is the first time anything like this has happened at Holbrook.

Hagans did not have a comment on the incident or a message for parents.

“I think any statements or comments about it need to come from the police department,” said Hagans.