Charlotte Woman Using Social Media To Help Nursing Home

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   It’s not what you’d typically hear on someone’s Christmas wish list. Things like Pepsi, Vienna sausages and even a ukulele.

April Morrison says for  96 people at the Queen City Assisted Living, these items are luxuries.

“They have three meals a day, they have snack times, they have vending machines. If you don’t have friends or any other outside means to give you change for a vending machine or to bring you something, that’s it. You got a meal and you got a snack,” says Morrison.

Morrison visited the nursing home on Montana Drive last week. She was stunned by what she learned. April says 20 of the seniors who live there don’t have family, relatives or visitors of any kind.

“This is a Medicaid nursing home. If you are there, that’s because that’s the only place you have to go.”

Inspired to help, April posted on Facebook a week ago. Asking people to visit them or to donate items.

The post blew up, with hundreds of comments and shares.

“Before I knew it, it had taken off with a life of its own that evening. People saying give me your PayPal address, I’m sending this what’s your address.”

April has raised about $5,000, hundreds of snack items, stuff for personal hygiene and something from their wish list.

“We’ve got bananas. Who puts bananas on their wish list. We have Vienna sausages. We have Pepsi.”

April says she’s shocked by the generosity.

“We didn’t ask, people volunteered and I got to be honest with you, and I know this sounds crazy, it kind of restored my faith in humanity.”

April says on Monday she’ll give the presents to the 96 people at Queen City Assisted Living during their dinner time.