NC Budget Impasse Means Further Delay on Teacher Pay Raises

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – North Carolina teachers remain caught in the middle of the budget battle in Raleigh. The impasse is keeping them from getting proposed pay raises.

“It’s disappointing that the legislative leadership doesn’t want to try to compromise on this and other issues in the budget,” Gov. Roy Cooper says.

The Governor spoke in Charlotte on Tuesday about the standoff in Raleigh.

Lawmakers returned the same day, but Republican leaders didn’t have enough votes to override Cooper’s budget veto in the Senate.

“We’re ready to compromise. We’re ready to find a way forward. Unfortunately, the legislative leadership stopped us and said we want our budget just like it is or nothing else,” Cooper says.

The Governor argues the 3.9 percent over two years pay raise in the proposed budget isn’t enough, calling it, “paltry.”

Republican leaders say Cooper is holding up the budget over his push for Medicaid expansion.

“We’re encouraging both sides to do what they can to make this work,” says CMS board chair Elyse Dashew.

Dashew says it’s frustrating that teachers are once again caught in the middle.

“Teachers are discouraged and it certainly is, it’s tough to run a school system when you have this much uncertainty about the budget,” she says.

Cooper says he’s still committed to working to find a solution.

But the delay could last awhile. The General Assembly is not scheduled to meet again until April.

Teachers in CMS did get a pay supplement, provided by the county. And seniority-based pay increases are still going into effect.