Polar Plunge Brings Needed Business to High Country Ski Slope Operators


SUGAR MOUNTAIN, N.C. – The polar plunge is bringing much-needed business to ski slope operators in the High Country.

Up until now, the unusually warm temps have kept visitors away.

“I’m super excited! Winter is back!” says Banner Elk resident Jeff Johnson.

Skiers and snowboarders say Monday night, it finally felt like it’s January.

“It’s been back and forth. Felt like it started out so cold and strong in early December. It a tease! Then it got wet and warm. And it’s cold again. We hope it sticks around for a while,” says Ashley Gallegher.

An inch of snow fell during the day Monday and more is expected later in the week.

“This is actually ideal, somewhere in the teens, real low humidity, clear skies,” says Kim Jochl, with Sugar Mountain Ski Resort.

“You know, we go through a January thaw every couple of years, so um, we don’t necessarily like it, but it’s not something that’s unusual,” she says.