You Might Not Be Able To Get The Prom Or Wedding Dress You Want Because Of Coronavirus

FORT MILL, SC. —  Factories across China are closed because of the coronavirus.  With prom season and spring weddings around the corner, you might not be able to get the dress you want.

Ashleigh Vanderwalker is the owner of Simply Jane Formals in Fort Mill.  She’s received nearly a dozen emails from dress designers and vendors saying:

“Sorry but this is going to be the new delayed shipping, this is how soon we’re actually accepting things in, sorry about the delay,” says Vanderwalker.

A delay that could take six to eight weeks to get dress orders in stock.

“At this point vendors and designers are telling us, once we’re out, we’re out and that’s it.”

According to American Bridal and Prom Industry Association, 80% of the world’s western-style gowns are produced in China.

If the dress you want  isn’t in the store or in the warehouse– you might have to rethink your choice.

“But now having to get a little bit creative on what can we get you that’s close, that’s similar that you’re also going to love.”

Vanderwalker says it’s stressful, and worries the impacts of coronavirus could get worse.

“Not only is it going to impact next year’s season, but is it going to start coming over here directly and impacting us directly.”