CMPD Launches New Website Aimed At Increasing Recruits

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department made a push on Thursday to hire more recruits ahead of this summer’s Republican National Convention.

“It is a difficult difficult profession to sell right now,” said Robert Tufano, a department spokesperson.

There are roughly 170 vacant positions within CMPD.

“If things don’t improve and improve quickly, we’re going to start seeing public safety impacted by this,” said Tufano, “that’s how critical of an issue this is that we’re talking about here.”

CMPD is increasing it’s digital advertising trying to attract new recruits from North Carolina and beyond.

They partnered with a local advertising agency to get the message out.

“These ads are targeting metro areas that we have found are most interested in coming to Charlotte,” said Marcie Kelso, with Kelso Communications.

Her firm worked with CMPD to create, which launched last month. The goal is to make applying easier for recruits.

“It’s not a Monday through Friday type of job. We’re constantly around the clock recruiting hiring and processing people,” said Deputy chief Stella Patterson.

The recruitment effort comes as some officers who were eligible for 5% raises won’t get them until the end of the year.

” In a time where we’re trying to retain officers and recruit officers. and now you’re going to do this to the hard working men and women that have earned this pay increase,” said Chris Kopp a spokesperson with the Fraternal Order of Police.

He says officers who signed up and completed crisis intervention training were supposed to get raises in July.

Kopp says the delay is a cost saving measure by the city.

“The whole reason were doing this is to save money for the city, which is completely unfair to these officers who’ve been waiting years for this,” said Kopp.

Deputy Chief Stella Patterson says the delay will afford officers more time to get the needed certifications.

“With it being in December, it gives those officers the opportunity to get those classes in,” said Patterson.