Prom Project 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Over 200 high school girls are expected to attend the 18th Annual Prom Project℠ hosted March 7, 9am-1pm by First Baptist Church of Huntersville and Lydia’s Loft Prom Closet, where they will receive free formal attire, social etiquette lessons, dating safety, and other resources to make their milestone occasion memorable. Girls are required to attend an etiquette session as a prerequisite to receiving a dress.

Since its inception, Prom Project℠ has helped more than 26,000 teen girls and their families receive prom attire and have boosted girls’ self-esteem. Since 2009, the Prom Closet of Huntersville has provided formal dresses, suits, shoes and accessories for young people in the greater Charlotte area.

To support the effort, the public has been generously donating NEW or NEARLY NEW prom attire. Whether they attend prom or not, the event serves as an effort to build social skills and confidence in girls as they experience life both in the classroom and the working world. Donations are being accepted at St. Mark’s Catholic Church, Lydia’s Loft, and First Baptist Church of Huntersville and Hendrick Lexus of Charlotte on Independence Blvd.

“The Prom Project is right in line with our vision to build bridges and cultivate community in our city,” Rev. Stacy Nowell, senior pastor of First Baptist Church -Huntersville said. “We are blessed with a large campus and an already existent prom ministry through the Lydia’s Loft Prom Closet. It’s a perfect collaboration.”

For 17 years, Prom Project℠ was coordinated by Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. To ensure continued growth, this year they passed the torch to Lydia’s Loft Prom Closet.

“It was difficult to let go of such a meaningful event, but we knew it was in safe hands at the Huntersville Prom Closet,” says Janine Davis, founder of Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. “We are here to support them and help Lydia’s Loft continue to make impact on girls and families in the community.” Prom Project℠ strives to lessen the financial burden of prom while ensuring a memorable adolescent experience. Prom Project℠ is MORE than “JUST A DRESS!”

Online registration here.