Lancaster Co. South Carolina Woman Tests Positive for Coronavirus

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. – A Lancaster Co. South Carolina woman has tested positive for Coronavirus, DHEC says.

She is in isolation in the hospital, but there are still a lot of questions.

We don’t know her age or which hospital she’s in.

It also appears to be a case of “community spread” as the woman has no recent travel outside the state or exposure to another case.

Health officials are working to determine any other people she may have recently come in contact with.

“I hope them the best. I hope all goes well,” says Lancaster resident Janessa Hunter.

She and others are just learning about the local case.

She’s most worried because there’s no link to any other known coronavirus case.

“That’s more concerning. Because I have four children, and that makes me wonder how it’s being spread,” Hunter says.

Statewide, DHEC has now tested 51 people in South Carolina for coronavirus.

8 tests have come back presumptive positive. 2 tests have been confirmed by the CDC.

“Im’ma just try to stay safe, wash my hands, do whatever I can to not catch it, you know,” says Lancaster resident Jacob Sapp.

Across the state, University of South Carolina campuses are extending their spring breaks by an additional week.

Classes are now cancelled through March 22nd, including at the USC Lancaster campus.

Then classes will be held online through April 3rd.

Students are encouraged not to come back to campus, but won’t be banned from doing so.

“Hopefully this will pass, you know, soon,” Hunter says.