UNCC Student Self-Isolates Before Testing Positive For COVID-19: “Best Decision I Could Have Made”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “It was the best decision I could have made,” says 22-year-old Lacey Rowan. She is grateful that before she even knew she had coronavirus, she stopped going to class and work. Rowan says, “I felt fine enough to do whatever I needed to do, my classes, go to class, go to work.” She adds, “It would have been a terrible idea because I work in health care, for my internship, and infecting any of those people, it would have hurt me and I would have felt so, so guilty.”

Rowan first started feeling sick during a study abroad trip in the Netherlands 3 weeks ago: a minor cough, at first. “And then I started feeling some really bad fatigue that at first I just thought it was because I had been expending so much energy on my trip,” she says.

But when she got back to the Charlotte area two weeks go, the symptoms didn’t stop. She didn’t know she had coronavirus, but she wondered. She decided then and there to stop going to class and stop working. She says, “I just felt like it was too much of a risk to take, to go back to school without knowing for sure what my symptoms were caused by.”

She was tested at one of Novant’s drive-through locations, and got the positive test results five days later.

Rowan has had a minor cough and some headaches. She doesn’t know if she had a fever because she didn’t have a thermometer, but she says didn’t feel feverish. Looking back, her experience eating food during the first week of illness was also a sign. She says, “I couldn’t taste any of it.” Rowan has taken some Tylenol for the headaches and the usual self care routine: “Giving myself time to rest and drinking a ton of fluids. Just typical cold or flu kind of things. Taking Dayquil, I took a couple times.”

Her advice to you: do your part. Stay at home. She says, “It’s very hard to see people not take this seriously.” She adds, “The best thing to do is just to stay home.”

Rowan says the Union County Health Department has been in touch with her, and tells her once she doesn’t have any symptoms for three days, she is considered healthy again. Rowan thinks for her, that’ll be in the next week or so.