Charlotte Area Teachers and Parents Adjust to New Normal

CHARLOTTE, NC – In a matter of days, K through 12 education had been delivered in an entirely different way. Now, a little less than three weeks in and thousands of Charlotte area parents are adjusting to a new normal. 

“We had to schedule a one on one call with the teacher just yesterday to say can you help walk us through this? We are both struggling,” said Miranda Miller. 

Miller and others are now helping educate their children from home.

“They would love to be in school than anywhere else I would think,” said Miller 

“I feel like I’m finally starting to find my groove,” said Nelvia Bullock. 

Bullock has two children under five years old. Like many parents, Bullock and her husband have become teacher’s “aides” while working full-time jobs. 

“It requires you to be really creative with what you’re going to do at any given time,” said Bullock. 

Parents are now keeping meandering minds focused.

“The distractions are probably the hardest part. She always wants to be playing with her barbies or doing something different,” said Bullock. 

While teachers engage the little learners. 

“Right now it’s just trying to keep that connection with the kids,” said Kristy Kiger. 

Kiger is a mother of two and teaches science lab at Pineville Elementary. 

“I’ve also been posting things to google classrooms for activities for them to do. Some do it yourself experiments they can do at home,” said Kiger. 

She says right now, the work is optional. But beginning next week, CMS students will have more required work. 

“It’s going to be different wherever you are so parents are going to do their best,” said Rhonda Cheek, the District 1 CMS School Board Member. 

Cheek is keeping realistic expectations for the remaining school year. Standardized tests are canceled and it’s not clear how students will be graded moving forward. 

“We want to make sure that kids are assessed properly giving them the new work. I don’t know how much assessment we’ll be able to do really until we’re back at school in the fall,” said Cheek.

As students adjust to virtual learning, teachers are adapting materials. It’s a learning curve for everyone.

“It has required a whole new set of skills that I didn’t even know I had,” said Bullock