Local Health Systems Ask Mecklenburg Co. To Establish Field Hospital at UNCC

CHARLOTTE, NC – Preparations are underway in Mecklenburg County to create a mass care facility on the campus of UNC-Charlotte.

Local hospital systems are asking the county to set up the field hospital all the while, state leaders are working to bring in more supplies and round up volunteer medical workers. 

“We all need to be vigilant,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen, the State Health Director.

On Thursday, she pleaded with people to be a part of the solution.

“The one thing that we can all do together is stay home,” said Dr. Cohen.

State and local leaders are working quickly to prepare for an influx of COVID19 patients.

The state made a request to the Federal Government to set up a sheltering program.

“This program would provide individual rooms in places like hotels, dormitories or other buildings for people who have been exposed or tested positive for COVID 19, but do not need hospitalization,” said Mike Sprayberry, the North Carolina Emergency Management Director.

Meanwhile, the CEO’s of Atrium Health and Novant Health are asking Mecklenburg County to “establish a field hospital on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.”

The field hospital would provide room for up to three thousand patients.

UNCC is offereing six residence halls in the South Village to be used for local planning and response efforts. Student were told to remove anything they left behind when the dorm closed.

Gathering needed medical supplies has also proved to be a challenge.

“Our orders so far have exceed 100 million dollars, but we’ve received very little of that,” said Sprayberry.

He says the state has received 242,000 or roughly half of the requested amount of N-95 masks. It has received nearly 600,000 procedure masks, 114,000 face shields, and 460,000 gloves.

“ We still do not have the protective equipment we need to protect our healthcare workers and our other first responders. That is our first priority,” said Cohen.