Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen Gives Back

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many small businesses are struggling right now due to the shutdown. Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen has taken a financial hit, but that isn’t stopping them from paying their employees and giving back.

They’ve donated meals to nurses on the front lines and found other ways to help.

“We’ve been giving food to kids and shelters. CMS students can come by our location from now until at least the next two weeks.” Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen owner Alyssa Wilen said.

They’re also offering a meal delivery service to the Charlotte area and you can take virtual cooking classes.

“We’ve been able to connect people through different areas of the country, different ages.

Some people are using it as a school lesson, some people are using it to just connect with different family members in other areas,” Wilen said.

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen is offering these virtual classes all month.