Gaston Co. Man Dies from Coronavirus After Two Week Hospital Stay

GASTON CO., N.C. – A Gaston County family is mourning a husband and father who died from coronavirus.

Virgil Sutton passed away Sunday night, just two weeks after becoming sick.

His family still doesn’t know how Sutton got coronavirus, but say it’s proof the disease can impact anyone.

Venture Church Pastor Austin Rammell knew Sutton for more than 20 years.

“It’s come as a major shock,” Rammell says.

He says Virgil came home from work on a Tuesday feeling bad and woke up really sick the next day.

He went to the hospital after he developed chest pains and pneumonia.

“That’s the burden here. So, Caleb helps his dad get into a car. And that’s the last time Caleb was with his dad,” Rammell says, “Donna gets to the hospital, checks him in, and you know, she can’t stay, and so Donna’s last time with her husband was two weeks ago today.”

Rammell says Virgil ministered for years to those battling addiction, after overcoming an addiction himself.

He worked at the Daimler plant in Gastonia, which closed on Monday, so his fellow employees can grieve.

“This is a blue-collar, working-class guy. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anybody,” Rammell says.

Sutton is one of two people to die of coronavirus in Gaston County. Right now, there are 46 confirmed cases.