NC Executive Order Will Lay Out Retail Restrictions

CHARLOTTE, NC – North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is working on retail restrictions to be announced in the coming days.

An executive order will soon be in place to tighten requirements for people in essential retail businesses and limit their contact with one another and employees. 

“It’s all new. Nobody knows exactly how to act,” said Phillip Anglin a shopper at a South Charlotte Walmart Neighborhood Market. 

“You don’t realize how close you get to people on a daily basis and everybody is really relaxed about it, but now people are getting tense. You can see it in their eyes,” said Anglin. 

He says he walked through a line to get inside and someone at the front entrance kept a count. 

“During the shopping its fine, but when we’re in line to check out its kind of hard. I mean there is only so much space there,” said Anglin. 

Walmart, Lowes, CVS , and other major retailers are taking steps to keep people apart. Limiting the number of people inside at one time to only a certain percentage of the max capacity. And putting barriers between shoppers and employees. 

“Some stores have too many people inside of them,” said Gov. Roy Cooper. 

In a Tuesday news conference, Cooper said his office is preparing an executive order that will create mandatory customer limits and spacing guidelines. Details will be released later this week. 

“We don’t want people to be afraid to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy to get essential items, but we also want to discourage people who are just going to have something to do,” said Cooper. 

Cooper says the data shows the social distancing restrictions are working and that ramping them up is the best path to take.  

“These next few weeks lets try to slow this spread as much as we possibly can. And give our health care providers and hospital workers some breathing room,” said Cooper. 

As people adjust to the new shopping normal, the precautions are getting positive remarks. 

“You’re trying to implement something to help me stay safe as well as everyone in the store, so I appreciate that,” said shopper Darlene Northam.