Rock Hill Police: Teen Ignored Self Quarantine Order; Coughed on Officers

ROCK HILL, SC – A Rock Hill teen is facing charges after intentionally coughing on police officers trying to break up a fight. 

“Now we’re having to reallocate personnel and it’s affecting us and this community in a grand scale,” said Lt. Michael Chavis with the Rock Hill Police Department. 

Rock Hill police are now down two patrol officers for coronavirus concerns. 

“Her actions have resulted in two officers being quarantined for 14 days,” said Chavis. 

He says they were called to this south Rock Hill park on Monday night. There was a group of people fighting. 

As the two officers interviewed people involved, Chavis says a 17-year-old girl intentionally coughed on and near the officers multiple times. She was recording on Facebook live the whole time. 

“Once she got done doing it a second time, she started laughing again and closed out her Facebook live video,” said Chavis.

The girl also posted to her other social media accounts a verified doctor’s order saying she be quarantined due to coronavirus contact. 

We want people to cut it out. We really do,” said Chavis.

The officers now in quarantine, uncertain if they will develop COVID19 symptoms. Chavis says stunts like this can have a ripple effect. 

“If you don’t have it, you’re causing panic that don’t need to be caused. If you do have it, not only are you causing panic, but you’re spreading a disease that we’re trying to go ahead and flatten the curve on,” said Chavis. 

The teen was released into her parents’ custody. She faces a misdemeanor charge of breach of peace in a high and aggravated nature.

Chavis says it can carry a maximum of 10 years in prison.