Charlotte Financial Planner Offers Pro Bono Services

CHARLOTTE, NC – A Charlotte financial planning service is offering free services during these uncertain times.

From February 20th to March 23rd, people invested in the stock market likely saw their accounts sink down a seemingly endless hole.

“That’s a lot of change in 30 days,” said Chris Mullis, with NorthStar Capital Advisors.

He says there’s been a bit of a rebound, but volatility remains.

“From a bad news cycle, this is a doozy,” said Mullis, “and that can lead to panic.”

He says making misinformed reactionary decisions when stressed and uncertain can be devastating.

“It is never a good idea to sell in a panic,” said Mullis.

Mullis says to be cautious of your spending, focus on the long term and evaluate your current employment situation.

“Contingency planning in this crisis. Budgeting for cash flow especially in the context of lost or reduced income,” said Mullis.

His group is now offering free financial planning services to anyone impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.

“We’re setting aside some large blocks of our time on Thursdays and Fridays for phone calls, video meetings with impacted people,” said Mullis.

He says many people may not be able to afford financial advice, or not know where to begin. And that’s where they come in.

“We’re just sharing our knowledge and our experience to help people navigate these uncertain times, make good decisions with their money,” said Mullis.

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