Local Churches Find Ways to Celebrate Easter, Despite No In-Person Services

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sunday, thousands of worshipers won’t be in the pews of local churches for Easter Sunday, due to restrictions on mass gatherings. Instead, many will turn to online services.

“For so many people, it is a real sacrifice and a heartbreak,” says Father Patrick Winslow, with the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.

He says Sunday will be difficult for many.

“And at the same time, I think the spirit of people is very positive. They understand that they have to do these sacrifices for the sake, not just for themselves, but for the sake of others,” Winslow says.

Despite in-person services being cancelled, many are finding other ways to mark the resurrection.

In the Catholic Church, Bishops still held worship for Good Friday, broadcasting to those watching online.

They and other denominations plan to do the same on Sunday.

People are also coming to pray, in small numbers, and at a distance from each other, outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

President Trump, urging patience, when asked about churches hesitant to close.

“I would say first, heal. I’m a Christian, heal our country. Let’s get healed before we do this, and there’s time to do that. We’ll do it, hopefully for the rest of our lives,” Trump said.

Father Winslow urges people to stay optimistic.

“There is a blessing behind so many challenges that we’ve been facing, and mainly to see the spirit of people, working with one another,” he says.