Thousands Ready To Return To Work Following Expiration of Meck County Stay-At-Home Order

CHARLOTTE, NC – As Mecklenburg County’s stay at home order expires, thousands of people are eager to get back to work in person and under state restrictions. 

“I am so excited to interact with my clients again,” said Jane Lemmond, a realtor with Dickens Mitchner.

“There is something about that eureka moment when you’re with clients that you can feel and sense when you’re with them,” continued Lemmond.

For months realtors have been trying to sell homes virtually and at a distance. 

“They couldn’t get a sense of the light in the home or room sizes,” said Lemmond.

But beginning Thursday, she and other realtors in Mecklenburg county can show homes. 

Tight restrictions remain. No more than three people are allowed inside, everyone must wear masks and gloves, and common touchpoints must be sanitized. 

Lemmond joined the Dickens Mitchener Director of Relocation Services for a conference call this morning. 

“We spent an hour and half going over those safety precautions that were putting in place for both buyers and sellers,” said Chatharine Pappas. 

Other businesses will be back to work too. They include:

-Vape shops

-Craft stores

-car dealers

-House cleaners

-auto repair shops 

All of them must adhere to strict physical distancing requirements. 

Parking lots at county parks and greenways will also be opened. Under the state order, park restrooms, sports fields, and playgrounds will remain closed until at least May 8th.

“Outside spaces I do feel like are safe,” said Kyle Murray. 

People, like Murray on the county greenways, said they’re in favor of the county restrictions being loosened. 

“I’m excited to get back and see people,” said Murray, “but I do want to make sure that we’re all safe.”

The state stay at home order will remain in effect until at least May 8th.