A Somber Virtual Remembrance A Year After the UNCC Campus Tragedy

CHARLOTTE, NC – A virtual remembrance held on Thursday to honor and celebrate the lives lost and people impacted by the deadly shooting on UNC Charlotte’s campus one year ago.

Riley Howell and Reed Parlier were killed. Four other students including Drew Pescaro, Emily Haupt, Rami Al-Ramadan, and Sean Depart were injured when a gunman opened fire inside the Kennedy building on campus. 

The remembrance streamed to students and the community was a musical tribute to the lives lost. A larger event was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Speakers shared their experiences from that day.

“As I stood outside the football stadium with other students waiting to enter the last day of class concert, I had no idea that evening would turn into a nightmare,” said Chandler Crean, the student body president.

Alumni offered words of comfort and inspiration.

What we can do is aspire to live noble lives. Selfless lives with passion and purpose,” said Don Dahler, a current CBS News Correspondent and member of the UNCC class of 1991.

Chancellor Phillip Duois laid wreaths at the steps of the Kennedy Building on campus Thursday morning. 

“This is one of the things that I’ve thought about every day since last April 30th. And I think a lot of people do,” said Dubois.

He reflected on the anniversary of the tragedy.

“You remember where you were. You remember what you did. You remember what you saw and what you felt. Who you called, when you found out about the two boys who died,” said Dubois. 

A day that changed so many lives, a moment spent focused on their sacrifice.