Gov. Cooper Signs Executive Order To Move State Into Phase One of Reopen Plan

CHARLOTTE, NC – North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order on Tuesday that will enter the state into phase one of the reopen plan.

“We are easing restrictions in a data-driven way,” said Cooper during a news conference. 

Key metrics are moving North Carolina closer to reopening and people getting back to work. 

“Continued stability in these trends is a real positive for our state and a testament to aggressive early action taken by the governor and your resolve to save lives,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen, the state health director. 

Cohen presented data showing hospitalizations have remained flat, and that the percent of positive COVID-19 tests reported each day continues to decline. 

“We’re not perfect. But we’re stable,” said Cohen. 

Phase One includes:

-Stay at home order remains, but travel is eased.

 – More retailers can open with 50% capacity and other social distancing standards. 

– Gatherings still limited to 10 people.

-Parks reopen.

-Face coverings are encouraged.

-Nursing home restrictions remain.


Businesses that will open in Phase Two include:

– Salons 

– Gyms

– Playgrounds

– Theaters

– Bars 

– Dine-In Restaurants

“We have to keep taking precautions to keep people safe. But at the same time, we know we can’t stay in our homes forever,” said Cooper.

Cooper says his biggest concern moving forward is people letting their guard down and not taking the virus seriously anymore. 

“Even though we are not physically together often. We are still in this together,” said Cooper.

Phase One, which begins on May 8th will last until at least May 22nd. It’s possible Phase One will be extended if the key metics aren’t maintained or improve upon.