Local Artists’ Work Featured In Adult Coloring Book Published By Queen City Nerve

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Queen City Nerve, Charlotte’s alternative newspaper, is publishing an adult coloring book filled with drawings by local artists. 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go back to the contributing artists, who have also been hit hard by the economic effects of the pandemic. Queen City Nerve says it hopes to give back $10,000 to the local artists who submitted their work.

Publisher Justin LaFrancois tells WCCB the coloring books have been selling like crazy, because Charlotte loves its artists. “We appreciate them so much, for giving us something to look at, something to interact with, something to think about, something to write about. Art is everything,” says LaFrancois. He continues, “Artists are what make our city something worth bragging about. At least on some level.”

The coloring books feature more than 50 pages of local art. They cost $35 and ship right to your house. Queen City Nerve says it’ll publish the books once a year.