ONLY ON WCCB: City Manager Passes Deadline To Respond To Citizens Review Board Decision On Danquirs Franklin Case

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Dozens of citizens sent a letter to Charlotte City Manager, Marcus Jones, demanding a response to the Citizens Review Board decision. Saying a response is key to “enhance public safety and build public trust.”

After CMPD Officer Wende Kerl shot and killed Danquirs Franklin on March 25th, 2019. It happened in the Burger King parking lot on Beatties Ford Road.

“We ruled back in February that Chief Kerr Putney erred in the decision that Officer Kerl was justified in the fatal shooting of Danquirs Franklin,” says acting chair of the Citizens Review Board Tonya Jameson.

The CRB vote does not override the District Attorney’s decision not to charge Kerl or CMPD’s decision not to discipline her.

The board made recommendations to CMPD Chief Kerr Putney and the City Manager.

“When we make recommendations if they are completely ignored or some are implemented it’s important for us to know. The case of Keith Lamont Scott, some of the recommendations that the board made we’re actually implemented by CMPD.”

According to the attorney for Franklin’s family, the City Manager had until March 28th to respond. Still nothing.

“For us to put forth recommendations as well as our decision and then not to hear anything, it feels like we’re kind of going backwards in a way with our relationship with the city and CMPD.”

WCCB pressed the City for answers. A spokesperson sent this statement:
The city’s response to COVID-19 has slowed our process but we are in the final stages of preparing a response to the decision made by the Citizens Review Board in the Danquirs Franklin case. We have been in touch with the CRB regarding our response timeline and we will be sending our response to the CRB on Monday. We recognize this is an important matter for all parties involved and the larger community. We appreciate the CRB’s patience and understanding.

Jameson says she appreciates the City publicly acknowledging the importance of the matter and setting a deadline. Adding, coronavirus slowed its response, but this is also an important issue to the entire community. A deadline shows that this is a priority now.

CMPD says the department provided a response within the time frame outlined in the ordinance.

The attorney for the Franklin family says the family looks forward to learning the City’s response to the CRB findings and recommendations.