Bright Spot In New Post-COVID Recovery Survey Of Local Businesses

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A bright spot in a new post-COVID recovery survey of local businesses. The Employers Association asked 150 of its members in the Charlotte metro area questions about the impact of the pandemic. One of the questions was: “how long do you expect COVID to have a negative financial impact on your business?” While 47 percent reported that COVID will have a negative financial impact lasting more than 120 days, 53 percent said the impact will be less than that.

“I think employers are optimistic, I think that they are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. It was nice, because we actually had many employers who said they haven’t suffered a financial impact, and again many employers said it’s gonna be less than 120 days. So I do think people are optimistic that they will be able to get back to work and back to business,” says The Employers Association HR Advisor Becky Drozdz.

The Employers Association surveyed large and small businesses from a wide range of industries. Many said they’ll continue to allow employees to work from home for quite some time.