Deadly Storms Tear Through The Carolinas, Leaving Trail Of Destruction

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The beauty of Charlotte’s towering old trees is matched only by the danger they pose when they fall. The massive trunks and limbs, crashing through people’s roofs, windows and yards Friday afternoon in Elizabeth. Dragging down power lines and traffic lights in east Charlotte. In Myers Park, blocking roadways, and crushing cars, including one outside Myers Park United Methodist Church off Providence Road.

The National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed any tornadoes yet, but does know straight line winds with speeds up to 70 miles per hour tore through town.

“I’m not gonna say it sounded like a freight train, but it sounded like a freight train,” says Myers Park resident David Frost. He is thankful for his wife’s quick thinking after she got alerts on her phone to take shelter. Frost says, “Normally, I don’t pay much attention to these things, but my wife said, ‘Hey, I’m getting the kids down to the cellar, let’s go.'”

No injuries and no major damage at his house. Frost says, “With the winds that I saw this afternoon, I’m just surprised there are not so many more trees down.”

As Alex Hambacher headed to the basement in his house in the Sedgefield neighborhood, he heard a tree topple outside. He describes it as, “Just a big thud.” It wasn’t dead, wasn’t rotting; just fell victim to over saturated grounds due to days of rain and Friday’s destructive winds. Hambacher says, “We get it (the tree) checked every year and it was in good shape.”

Friday’s severe weather is blamed for a man’s death in Dilworth. He was killed when a huge tree came through the roof and trapped him inside a house on Idlewood Circle. We also know a man died after a tree and power power pole fell on top of his truck as the storms blew through Lancaster County, S.C. Friday. 57-year-old Joe Humphries of Lancaster was on Small Street when the freak accident happened.