Charlotte Black Owned Instagram Account Gains Large Following

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – People in Charlotte are finding new ways to show support for their community as they take a stand against racial inequality. Three friends decided they wanted to make a difference by supporting black-owned businesses.

Charlotte residents, Ashley Creft, Madeline Carothers, and Jeff Carothers, created the @CLTBlackOwned Instagram account. They quickly gained a following and an overwhelming amount of support.

“Our goal when we started was to have 1,000 followers, maybe in the first week, and we thought that was a little aggressive,” Creft said. “By the end of the first week, I think we were at almost 8,000 followers.”

They try to highlight a business a day and so far their posts have made a big impact.

“So far every business that we’ve talked to was like that day the support was amazing. We made more sales than we usually do,” Madeline Carothers said.

Madeline Carothers has her own businesses, A Curl’s Dream. She says once the pandemic is over they have plans to do even more.

“We want to bring together black-owned businesses with people who are not black and just create opportunities for conversations to be had,” Madeline Carothers said.