Health Experts Push for People to Wear Masks Ahead of Friday Requirement

CHARLOTTE, NC – The mandatory mask mandate beings Friday in North Carolina. Medical professionals are speaking about the benefits of wearing masks and ways to keep people safe in order to move closer to phase three of the state’s reopen plan. 

“It’s a public health issue. It’s a humanity issue. I don’t see much controversy in it,” said Dr. Nisha Mehta. 

She is a Charlotte area radiologist and physician community leader. 

“When I think about masks, I think about it being an easy thing that I can do to help prevent the spread of COVID,” said Mehta. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cloth face coverings where social distancing isn’t possible.

A review by The Lancet Medical Journal of a collection of observational studies found “face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection.”

To increase certainty in the results, the authors recommended more robust randomized trials. 

“We can argue about how exactly effective it is and we can argue about different studies and things like that, but at the end of the day I think we know that masking decreases the spread of coronavirus,” said Mehta. 

Governor Cooper’s mask requirement for people over 11 years old in public settings is backed by the State Nurses Association. 

“Our jobs as nurses have been getting even harder as the number of cases in hospitals and clinics continue to climb,” said Dennis Taylor, the President of the North Carolina Nurses Association. 

He pleaded with the public to follow the new order. 

“Please trust this advice. It’s not political. It’s not an exaggeration,” said Taylor.

Some have commented on social media that masks are a government overreach and may not be as effective as they believe, but medical experts strongly disagree. 

“It’s an opportunity to save lives and I think that we should just view it that way,” said Mehta.