New Allegations Against Local Animal Shelter

CHESTERFIELD CO., S.C. – A local animal shelter is back under the microscope after allegations of staff misconduct. We know one of the Chesterfield County Animal Control Officers has resigned. She was convicted in another county earlier this year of an animal welfare related crime, but still kept her Chesterfield job, until now.

A video is also making the rounds on social media. It shows shelter staff doing TikTok dances, possibly while on the clock, on the tax payer’s dime, at the shelter.

The shelter found itself in big trouble back in 2011, that resulted in a major overhaul. It ended up becoming the gold standard in local shelters, only to now find itself back at the center of concerning allegations again.

Chesterfield County Administrator Tim Eubanks says the county has engaged the Humane Society of South Carolina to help them navigate the shelter’s current problems.