49ers Continuing Conversations In Search For Social And Racial Justice

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the country continues to have it’s reckoning with systemic racism, sports continue to be a major player in the fight for equality.

Several college football programs canceled practice on Thursday following the recent shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. The Charlotte 49ers did practice, but they continue to have the much needed and important conversations.

“We’re aware of the things that’s going on,” said Charlotte offensive lineman Jaelin Fisher, “we’re trying to come up with a platform to broadcast what we think and how we feel about the situations going on.”

Head coach Will Healy continues to encourage the conversations amongst his team.

“This is something that’s constantly apart of our culture, and making sure that guys are comfortable with having a voice,” Healy said. “And then continuing to educate themselves to make sure their voice is heard and respected.”