Non-Profit Raising Money to Save Lincoln Co. Farm Considered “Nature Habitat”

LINCOLN CO., N.C. – A local non-profit is fighting to save an historic Lincoln County farm that many consider a “nature habitat.”

A housing developer wants to buy the 170-acre property that includes natural springs and small waterfalls.

“Denver is experiencing rapid development, and this has become a habitat island amongst that development,” explains Kira Crisco, with the Outdoor Wellness League.

Crisco has become passionate about saving Beth Haven Farm, which she’s come to love.

A developer has made an offer, but Crisco’s non-profit is mounting an uphill battle to match the asking price.

She says beyond farmland, which only makes up a small part of the 170-acre property, is a nature oasis.

“There are multiple waterfall features, there’s areas where the creek runs over exposed flatrock, It is some of the most beautiful stream beds that I have seen in my time exploring North Carolina,” Crisco says.

The property also includes the largest known exposed bedrock feature in the area.

If they’re able to save it, Crisco would like to open Beth Haven to the community.

Members of the Outdoor Wellness League plan to create nature trails and renovate an existing house to facilitate educational programs.

Saving the property won’t be cheap, the Outdoor Wellness League is seeking more than $1.5 million to buy it.

Crisco hopes an “Angel Funder” or some other conservation group with the money might be able to help out.

“We want to be able to maintain that beauty of our community, so this beautiful farm doesn’t turn into a ton of rooftops,” Crisco says.

Learn more about the effort to save Beth Haven here.