CMPD Aligns It’s Response To Resistance Policy With Campaign Zero’s “8 Can’t-Wait”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says they officially meet all eight requirements of the “8 Can’t-Wait” initiative, a campaign to change the way law enforcement responds to resistance.

CMPD police started to alter and align their own Response to Resistance policy back in June, with that of Campaign Zero’s “8 Can’t-Wait,” according to a news release.

“8 Can’t-Wait” by Campaign Zero:

  1. Bans chokeholds and strangleholds.
  2. Requires officers to de-escalate situations by communicating and keeping a distance, before using force.
  3. Requires officers to give a warning before shooting.
  4. Requires exhausting all alternatives before an officer fires a shot.
  5. Requires officers to intervene and stop excessive force used by other officers, and to report these incidents.
  6. Bans shooting at moving vehicles.
  7. Requires use of Force Continuum that restricts the most severe types of force in the most extreme situations, and creates policy restrictions on the use of police weapons..
  8. Requires comprehensive reporting, so that officers report every time they use force or threaten to use force.

CMPD says some of the standards proposed by Campaign Zero are not absolute, as nothing is a one-size-fits model, but the police department has done their best to find common ground with “8 Can’t-Wait.”

“The community’s voice is important to the CMPD, and our mission is to always treat people with fairness and respect. The department’s directives and standard operating procedures are under constant review and revision. CMPD is a learning agency and is always seeking ways to improve,” says CMPD officials.

Out of the top 100 most populated cities, Charlotte is one of only ten departments that meet all eight standards, according to a news release.