Wendy Williams Admits To Watching A Neighbor Shower: Is It Cute Or Criminal?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Talk show host Wendy Williams is raising eyebrows after admitting to being a peeping tom. The 56-year-old was asked by Seth Meyers how she kept herself busy during quarantine.

She shared that she’d been using binoculars to watch people in her neighboring high rise buildings.

Seth Meyers asked, “And what have you seen of your fellow New Yorkers in doing this?” Williams replied, “Well, there is an apartment building across, and the man takes a shower and the shower is right there at the window…and I watch.”

“What are you seeing? I’m assuming the window isn’t head to toe?

“No. It’s head to ankle.”

“That’s still most of the good parts. Wendy, when I heard you were looking at people, I thought it was at passersby but I feel like what you’re doing now is borderline criminal.”

“I peep and I tom.”

Social media was quick to chime in, as they always are, one person saying: “How has this person not been canceled? I disagree with cancel culture but I support it in this case.” Another saying, “If a man said this…”

Our question of the night: is it cute or criminal for Wendy Williams to watch her naked neighbors?

This episode’s panel features:
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