Wilson’s World: Talking Food and Fun with Chef Manny Cordray of Catering by Cordré

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Chef Manuel “Manny” Cordray of  Catering by Cordré joined Wilson this morning to talk about his his virtual culinary camp ‘Corona Cooking with Cordray’ and how he has been able to cater small events during the pandemic.   For his Participants pick up a Cordrè prep kit which includes recipe, portioned ingredients for ONE camper and all items needed for each meal.  The kits can be picked up at the Catering by Cordrè kitchen before the event.  For more information on the camp as well as prices and different kits available can be found on their website at cateringbycordre.com/camp. Catering by Cordré is available to cater events.  More information on Chef Manny and Catering by Cordré can be found at his website cateringbycordre.com.

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