Edge On The Clock: BonusFinder To Pay $500 For Professional Cheeseburger Tester

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Friday marked National Cheeseburger Day and in honor of the holiday, BonusFinder, a casino review portal, has announced it will pay $500 to someone who will be a “professional cheeseburger tester” and travel the U.S. to find the best cheeseburger in the country.

Plus, Patagonia is using its clothes to make a statement about climate change. The retailer is featuring a new clothing tag that reads, VOTE THE A**HOLES OUT on the back of its shorts in an attempt to stand up to climate change deniers.

And, remember the song 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall? Well, there is a real life condo decorated with actual beer cans on the wall. The recently sold two-bedroom home is covered in floor to ceiling Budweiser cans.

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