Edge On The Clock: “Schitt’s Creek” Cleans Up At Emmy Awards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It was a “Schitt’s sweep” at the primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night, as The Edge’s favorite show, Schitt’s Creek, took home a total of nine awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Catherine O’Hara won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Eugene Levy won Best Lead Comedy Actor. Daniel Levy won for Best Writing, Directing, and Supporting Actor. And Annie Murphy won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

Plus, Gucci has debuted the new look for its grunge-inspired Fall/Winter 2020 collection. Their overalls have been purposely stained with grass, and they cost $1,400.

And, China’s new extreme ride, Flying Kiss, is the tallest carousel and quadruple-turning observation deck in the world. It is two giant statues, one of a man and the other of a woman. The ride begins with the man and woman bending down to the ground to pick up passengers from a rooftop platform, then rising to meet at the top overlooking a 3,000 foot cliff. All while passengers have no safety harnesses, no seat belts, no seats!

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