UNC Charlotte Returns To Some In-Person Learning October 1st

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Despite his senior year of college starting online, UNC Charlotte student Nayeem Naimi thinks transitioning to in-person learning October 1st, then going back to online learning after Thanksgiving break, doesn’t make much sense.

“It’s kind of pointless in a way because the whole transition online is kind of tough. I’m an in-person, that’s how I learn, but with the whole transition back-and-forth I feel like it’s just going to confuse everybody,” says Naimi.

UNC Charlotte Chancellor Dr. Sharon Gaber says first-year students should successfully transition to university instruction.

“Lots of students were transitioning to the university who have never had the opportunity to be in class, who are freshman or transfer students really wanted some of that experience,” says Dr. Gaber.

Along with students in programs where in-person access to facilities, equipment, and other resources are needed. Like engineering and lab classes.

Face coverings and physical distancing are required. Gatherings will be limited to 10 people inside. 25 outside.

“We sent a letter that was signed by both the county health director and myself to apartments and landlords and ask them to look at our guidelines, to work with us and we offered to continue to partner so that they understood here’s what our expectations are.”

Dr. Gaber says the university and campus police will monitor social media for parties.

Senior Ryan Thompson thinks they will still happen.

“I’m sure all the fraternities and stuff will still be partying. But like all colleges you can’t really, I mean, I mean they’re probably will be. But we can only do what we can,” says Thompson.

Fall exams will also be online.