Parents Send Teen To School Despite Positive COVID Test

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 30 students at Attleboro High School in Massachusetts are now forced to quarantine after a fellow student was sent to school after testing COVID positive. The student was tested on September 9th and was still sent to school on September 11th. Now, the parents are facing criticism online, and from the Mayor of Attleboro, who calls the move a bad judgment call. “It was a reckless decision to send a child, you know, a teenager to school who was COVID positive. Yes, it was really a poor judgement,” says Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux.

Twitter users also sounded off, tweeting, “$10,000 fine, expel the student. Force them to find a new school.” And, “‘Poor judgment?’ They should face jail time.”

Our question of the night: should there be some form of punishment for the parents?

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