Citizen Finds 2 Injured Dogs On Lancaster Highway

LANCASTER, S.C. — Police say a citizen found two injured dogs in Lancaster on Highway 200 on September 23rd around 8 a.m.

Both dogs have severe injuries to their faces and muzzles, and are not wearing collars or are microchipped, according to a news release.

The citizen placed the dogs in her vehicle and turned the dogs over to the Lancaster County Animal Shelter who reported the animals to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, according to a news release.

Officers say both dogs were young female pit bulls, one is brindle and the other is tan and white.

Both dogs are receiving veterinary care, according to a news release.

The sheriff’s office says they opened an investigation to find the owners of the dogs, and how they were injured before being left on the side of the highway.

Police say since the dogs were found near the Lancaster-Chester County line, they do not know if the incident occurred in Chester County.

The injuries are consistent with dog fighting, although police say they do not know yet if that is what caused their injuries.

“If the injuries to these dogs were caused by the actions of humans, the person or
persons responsible should be tracked down, arrested, and prosecuted,” says Sheriff Barry
Faile. “No animal should be treated this way. We intend to investigate this case as far as
we can go. Because of the remoteness of the location and its proximity to Chester
County, we have little to go on, and we need anybody with any information about these
dogs or dog fighting to contact us. You don’t have to give us your name.”

The sheriff’s office says they teamed up with the Humane Society to investigate the incident.

“The bloodied and torn conditions that Honey and Amber were found in
are absolutely horrific,” says Kelsey Gilmore-Futeral, South Carolina State Director for
the Humane Society of the United States. “The Humane Society of the United States
joins the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office in the fight against animal cruelty and offers a
$5,000.00 reward to anyone who reports information to the sheriff’s office that leads to
the arrest or conviction of the people responsible for the condition of these animals.”

Police ask anyone with more information to call the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at 803-283-3388 or Midland Crimestoppers at 888-274-6372.